What is emerging media?

What is emerging media? My definition of emerging media is innovative and interactive technology utilized to share ideas and communicate with others.

I use the word innovative to describe emerging media because media is always changing and it is improved technology of a previous medium or combined mediums. For example, The printing press have been transformed through the application of technologies such an image manipulation software like Adobe Photoshop and desktop publishing tools . Secondly, I use the word interactive because interactive means something different to everyone. People utilize and engage in technologies, in ways, which enhances or is valuable to their lifestyle.

Examples of emerging media are digital television, webcasting, podcasting, cell phones, blogs, gaming, social media and networking sites. Emerging media is a dynamic technology. Below is a Youtube video, which was created in 2011, to showcase a montage of all the current emerging media.


Emerging media is important because it is crucial that marketers keep up with the times and understand how consumers/the world communicates. It is a way for marketers to connect and share ideas with consumers in their own element. In 2012, Business2Community’s Frederic Gonzalo posted his thoughts on the 13 marketing trends for 2013. Three of the marketing trends stood out to me the most and are crucial components to marketers.

Frederic Gonzalo writes proposes that content marketing means “brands need to act as publishers.” Gonzalo writes, “Coca Cola is perhaps one the best examples of a brand that actively pursues getting its message across through its owned and shared media, thus allowing it to reduce its investments in traditional paid media. Blogs, social media, newsletters, webinars, ebooks, photo-sharing, videos or case studies are just a few of the sharpest tools brands ought to invest in, moving forward in this rapidly evolving online ecosystem.”

Photo-sharing is also a prominent trend and was introduced, in 2012, in the form of social networking…Pinterst and Instagram.

Last but not least, strategic social media is becoming more common. Many brands have active accounts on social networking avenues to interact, communicate, and solve issues consumers may have. However, the questions becomes is strategic social media being used effectively?


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